At Home with One Love

Fall Sessions

Join us as we continue our virtual learning sessions for the fall.
Discover new opportunities for students and educators to expand their knowledge and connect with a community that’s ready to lead the relationship health revolution.

Calling all students interested in learning more about healthy love! Participate in One Love’s interactive, film-based workshops to learn about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.
Session Themes
• Workshops for college-aged students
• Workshops for high school students
• Workshops for middle school students
• Workshops for athletic teams
• Understanding & navigating LGBTQ+ relationships
• Deconstructing Racism + Discrimination Using the 10 Signs
• 10 signs and the disabled community
• Workshops for sororities and fraternities
This popular series is back! Educators can join us for free professional development sessions with relevant and engaging topics featuring exciting speakers that will prepare you to bring healthy relationship education to young people.
Session Times
5-6pm ET/2-3pm PT

  • 11/19: Social Atrophy/ Building Community & Connection
  • 12/3: One Love & the Native American Communities
  • 12/17: Abuse & the Trans Community with Lexie Bean

Join us for a free two-day professional development and certification program. This session is designed for educators who are committed to bringing relationship health education to the next generation. Meet with fellow educators to learn about new community engagement strategies and tools that will inspire and empower young people in your community!
Session Times
January 19-20

Session 1:
3-5:30 pm ET/12-2:30 pm PT each day
Session 2:
6-8:30 pm ET/3-5:30 pm PT each day

Deadline for registration
January 10